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Have you been looking for a job that matches your credentials?

There are at least few hundred vacancies for the job description of a satellite installer for immediate hiring. If you think that you have it in you to successfully take up this job then we recommend that you immediately apply along with your resume. You can either send it by normal mail or email us at the support desk, the email address which is given below.


The job profile:

Your job profile will include visiting customers on calls or complaints regarding the functioning of their digital satellite dishes and also will in great part involve installation of the dish and also the servicing of worn out parts if any.


The remuneration is instant:

We let our service men get their remuneration instantly. There is no place for waiting as long as a week or a fortnight or even a month. The payment terms are per installation. The service men can also opt to retail the accessories that the company manufactures and make earning out of the commission on the sales.


You will have to scale walls as part of the job:

You must be medically fit and not scared of heights because the installation of dishes can mean that you have to climb on to the highest walls of the buildings in order to set up the hardware. The dish and the satellite must have no known obstructions at the time of installation and even otherwise in order to be able to catch and receive the transmissions from the satellite. The wiring and the laying of the hardware can mean that you will need to be in good health and that includes mental health as well.


Insurance for the servicemen:

The company shall provide the basic insurance for the employees and any accident that arises in the course of the employment will be looked after the company only if it is proved beyond reasonable doubt that the employee had used all the safety equipment and that there was a possibility of the safety harness or other equipment to have given away or that he had no reason to believe that the safety equipment that he was so using at the time of the employment was damaged or tampered with.